Des Coda is an open field for collaborative, cultural experiments beyond the conventional understanding of authorship and representation. It engages with an artistic position that defines the creative process as an interplay between context and concept. The resulting work is not a rigid product of authoritarian ingenuity, but a sensitive, living organism guided by the tensions between society and individual. Des Coda is the zestful curiosity rummaging through the rubble of the present in search of future aesthetics.


Mean Field Mutation is a thermodynamic phenomenon occurring just below the vaporization point of voracious growth. It relies on the debris of false and almost forgotten narratives. Astral residue of consumer angst, echoes of obsolete newspeak and oscillations of promotional imbecilities collide with free floating particles hovering under the radar of the megamachine. In steady intervals, this results in a meltdown producing random waves of reconfigurations driven by cryptic but sanguine naivety.


Released on Lustpoderosa, Mean Field Mutation is the first musical output by Des Coda. Written and produced by Piero Scherer during the pandemic winter of 2021 in his bedroom studio in Zurich. Moving between playful serenity and feral distortion, it was produced by layering sounds from field recordings, radio and TV clips, as well as sequences from drum machines and analogue synthesizers. Taking a stance against commercial copyright, all stems of this production are available for download free of charge and ready to be reappropriated.


Production: Piero Scherer

Mixing: Florin Büchel

Cover Art: Martin Cramatte

Text: Roman Imhof


Mean Field Mutation is scheduled to be published on vinyl and digital formats in spring 2024.

Xindl is a collaboration with musician and artist Valentina Demicheli which combines live electronic music with electroacoustic components.


– Xindl – Psylos und Cesarly

– Xindl – 11 

– Article Groove Magazine

Band and DJ-Collective consisting of Olaf Yarce (electronics),  Elias Kalbermatten (keys) and  Piero Scherer (electronics).


– Listen here

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