“The mushroom of a morning does not know (what takes place between) the beginning and end of a month; the short-lived cicada does not know (what takes place between) the spring and autumn. These are instances of a short term of life.” – Zhuangzi, 1891 


A discrepancy between an in- and outside, where the world evolves and transforms on one side, but everything seems to remain constant on the other. Forgotten artifacts and derelict treasure intertwine with their constantly evolving environment, creating a surreal sense of time dilation. A space where we shift our sensations & time perspectives, in which we must try to position ourselves attentively to perceive the resonant bodies. 


Home of the Scattered is a multi-speaker sound installation that delves into the intricate interplay between shelter and isolation, protection and constraint. Navigate a space where the boundaries of inside and outside, protection and limitation seamlessly blur into an evocative soundscape.


C-LAB, Taipei Taiwan 


Xu Chia-Chun

Jamira Estrada

Piero Scherer

In a sonic and visual landscape, everything is connected to something, but nothing is connected to everything. Here, tools, artifacts, and rare finds get entangled through an intertwined web of cables, film stripes, and strings. A space where we find each other and craft our own ecosystem. A system in which we must learn to give space and listen to each other to build new connections and combinations that preserve the system. People can see and hear how this somehow chaotic, somehow organized structure works, sometimes in obvious manners, sometimes in hidden and encrypted ways. There is no way of understanding everything at once; it takes time to decipher, cable by cable, sound by sound.


A sonic installment by:


Ray Frey(CH), Julia Shu (UKR),

Ai De Yang 楊愛德 (TW), 

Piero Scherer (CH)



Drohnbandgerät – Fourfold for Eight is the result of a collaborative work with a focus on reduction and dialogue. The starting material for the piece consists of gestural environmental recordings and contrasting harmonies, which are mixed live on a four-track cassette recorder. By coloring and filtering the resulting sound through a modular system, it becomes possible to influence the spatial shape. A concatenation that allows the performers and their instruments to merge into a system in which mutual influence is at the center.


w. Manolo Müller


– Listen here 

Bios beneath Blind is everywhere. Wherever life appears on the surface, thousands of lives have preceded unnoticed. These hidden realms are brought to light by the artist collective’s audio-visual installation placed within the darkness of the old Acla tunnel. An ode to the calm force of the microcosm, recorded and reconfigured by scientific and artistic means. Through tonal and visual abstraction, the resulting piece celebrates the cycle of life in its variety and raises awareness about the sensibility of the systems that surround us.


By scanning live images of microorganisms under the microscope, soundscapes were created based on rough parameters such as brightness, warmth of the image, and motion within the image. Within these soundscapes, the image was continuously scanned for subtle changes, leading to certain parameters in the sound being constantly altered.


Scientific research

and microscopy:

Elena Eigenheer

Sebastian Nagelmüller


Video projection:

Matthias Signer



Manolo Müller

Piero Scherer


– Art Safiental Program text (German)

– Listen here to a short recording 

Samael ‹The Poison of God› is an archangel of Jewish and Christian mythology. In rabbinical Judaism, Samael is often equated with Satan. To show that only the heavenly world is sacred, he tries to bring down people by tempting them. The soundpiece Samael’s Ladder is a musical interpretation of the arduous rise of the fallen.


Audiovisual Work: Visuals – Marc Jauslin, Music – Piero Scherer