The Community Sound Laboratory, also known as the CB-Lab, is a creative and social hub located in the cultural center Rote Fabrik. Its main purpose is to make contemporary club culture accessible to the wider community through low-threshold interaction with alternative electronic music.


The CB-Lab serves as a professional platform for artists and amateurs to create, exchange, and experiment with electronic and electro-acoustic music. It aims to provide opportunities for individuals to establish themselves in the field of electronic music and club culture.


As a core team member, I participated in reviewing usage and accessibility issues for the CB-Lab. Together with Florin Büchel, I co-led the «Audio Technology» working group, which was responsible for equipping the lab with technical equipment. Our goal was to create a flexible and accessible space while ensuring that the professional equipment did not hinder the creative process. We made technical decisions that had minimal impact on the creative workflow. 


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At Rhizom Festival, the social responsibility of the culture surrounding electronic music and its consumers will be discussed, experienced, and made visible through lectures, film, dance, music, video, and installation art. 
As a co-founder of the festival and the associated Vazem organization, I was involved in the organization, planning, execution, and curation of artistic contributions in the first four editions from 2017 to 2020.

Concrete Wall was a transdisciplinary festival held in Valle di Lei, Graubünden. In collaboration with Sebastian Nagelmüller, Project Manager for Nature, Landscape & Work Assignments at the Beverin Nature Park, efforts were made during the festival planning process to use local resources and bring together people from the region to promote cross-regional exchange of interests and sensitization for local issues. 


My main responsibility was the artistic curation of the festival, with a focus on the festival’s unique setting, which was reflected in the artistic performances.

From August 23 to 25, 2019, the interdisciplinary arts, film, and music festival «it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust» (Donna Haraway) took place at the Geroldareal in Zurich. The festival program consisted of three acts, following a narrative dramaturgy, which explored various synesthetic overlaps between the sensory experiences of seeing and hearing. Different aspects of synthesizer soundscapes reception were thematically organized and placed in dialogue.


Alongside Marc Jauslin (Fromheretillnow) i co-curated the musical and performance part of the festival, while Emanuel Küng (Porny Days) was in charge of curating the film selection.


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As a vessel for free improvisation for live electronics, Freud was created (w. Luc Häfliger) for impermanence in concert situations, performances, or film scores, using a constantly changing array of electronic devices.


Open Jam is an informal format for musical exchange and knowledge transfer. The concept is simple and effective: electronic instruments are distributed in a room and connected to form a system. Visitors have free access to the instruments and receive support from present experts when using them. The goal of Open Jam is to connect people interested in electronic music and promote low-threshold access to music-making and knowledge transfer.


Took place at: 

Rote Fabrik, Upstate Koch, Grafenau, Umbo, Garage 29

Co founder and part of creation and curation of the music label Lustpoderosa from 2015 to 2018. 


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